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Hulon McCraw, Inc.

Has been a leader in the Hospitality, Dry Cleaning and Commercial Laundry Industry for over 27 years. Our goal is to provide each customer with exceptional customer service, reliable replacement parts with fast delivery. We specialize in those hard to find parts for Dhooge, Jensen Ft. Lauderdale, and Washex equipment.

Burkert Valve

We Carry the full line of Burkert Valves from the general purpose pheumatic solenoid valves to processing valves, sensors, transmitters and controllers. We are an authorized distributor, and stock many types with competitive pricing, Give Us A Call.....

D'hooge Ironer Parts

Looking for those hard to find D'Hooge flatwork Ironer parts? We have them,we have 1000's of D'Hooge items in stock.

D'hooge Parts

Flatwork Ironer Accessories

We also stock a large number of accessories for you flatwork ironer. Waxing supplies, polyester and aramid padding and guide tapes. Springpress and parts for the Autolube waxing system.

Yaskawa and Magnetek Inverter Drives




Call us for you Flexco/Clipper needs. We stock most all common size hooks, pins and accessories

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Celebrating 27 Years

  • In Stock Parts ship same day if ordered before 4:00pm (EST)
  • Ribbons made to your specifications for most folders, feeders, ironers and small piece folders.
  • Hard to find parts for Dhooge, JRK, Jensen, Washex. Give us a call.
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Kleeno Pad

Now available, Part number 89120-001L
65" Kleeno Pad Type L (Leading Edge)

Doffer Roll Covering

Introducing our new doffer roll cover. Eliminates the foam cover from breaking up and pieces entering into the ironer. Seamless stretch fit results in constant pressure between linen and feed belts. Its washable and reusable. Fits rolls up to 130" long and 2" to 4-1/2" in diameter. For more Info call us.

Belting Material

Ribbons for all makes and model of machines are made in-house and in most cases can ship the same day. Give us a call, we can supply you with belts cut to meet your specifications or we sell the material and lacing accessories if you make you own.

Whats New

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Cart covers are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. We offer one of the industry's widest selection of fabrics and colors to accommodate specific uses (for example, heavy duty for transportation and light-weight for storage). Covers have reinforced corners to withstand wear and tear, and available with either reinforced velcro or heavy duty metal or plastic zippers for secure closing.

Washex Parts

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We have the washex 20/20 program chart cards available and in stock.
We also carry a large number of other washex parts. See Washex Parts


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Welcome to our redesigned website, we are adding infomation on a daily basis so please bare with us as we make this change and feel free to come back and browse around.

Flatwork Ironer Guide Tape


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Polyester Guide Tape

03309010 Polyester Guide Tape 3/4" x 100 yds roll  
03309012 Polyester Guide Tape 1/2" x 100 yds roll  
03309014 Polyester Guide Tape 3/4" x 400 yds Spool  
03309015 Polyester Guide Tape 1/2" x 400 yds Spool  
03309005 Bon-TopDacron Tape 1/2" x 100 yds roll  
03309006 Bon-Top Dacron Tape 3/4" x 100 yds roll  

Our Polyester Guide Tape is made of 100% Polyester Yarn and is heatset and preshrunk.
Recommended for Steam Ironers with Temps up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and can be fused, stapled or knotted.


Aramid Tape

03309011 Aramid Guide Tape 1/2" x 100 yds roll  
03309013 Aramid Guide Tape 3/4" x 100 yds roll  
03309020 Aramid Guide Tape 1/2" x 400 yds spool  
03309018 Aramid Blend tape 5/8" x 100 yds roll  
03309021 Aramid Hi-Top Tape 1/2" x 100 yds roll  

Our Aramid Guide Tape can be used on Thermal or Gas Heated Ironers with temperatures of 350 - 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
Aramid tape cannot be fused, it must be knotted (square knot).



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Blended and Zip Tape

03309008 ZipTape 3/4" x 100 yds roll  
03309009 ZipTape 3/4" x 400 yds roll  

CLENA ZIP TAPE ¾” is made of 100% high break strength textured polyester.

CLENA ZIP TAPE ¾” is designed using a twill herringbone weave for better grabbing power which helps eliminate problems when running Visa linen.

CLENA ZIP TAPE ¾” is for use on steam ironers with temperatures up to 350°F.

CLENA ZIP TAPE ¾” can be knotted, stapled or fused.



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